Worley’s wonder


the original purple jewelry and glass cleaner since 1986

             AS SEEN ON FOX NEWS    

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product Worley’s Wonder truly is. Worley’s is an all natural   multi-purpose cleaner that set the standard by which all other cleaners are judged.

Safe for all jewelry


Safe for all glass and plastic

  1. Bullet Eyeglasses

  2. Bullet Anti-Glare Lenses

  3. Bullet Polarized Lenses

  4. Bullet Rifle Scopes

  5. Bullet Bathroom Mirrors

  6. Bullet Windshields (inside)

  7. Bullet Tinted Glass

  8. Bullet Ceiling Fans

  9. Bullet Tv/Computer Screens

  10. Bullet Camera Lenses

  11. Bullet Ski/Scuba Masks

  12. Bullet Glass Table Tops

  13. Bullet Mini Blinds

  14. Bullet Microwaves (inside/out)

  15. Bullet Lucite

  16. Bullet Ceramic Tiles

  17. Bullet Finished Hardwoods

  18. Bullet CDs/DVDs

  19. Bullet Smooth Top Range

  20. Bullet Izon Glass

  21. Bullet Strata Glass

  22. Bullet Lexan

  23. Bullet Plexiglass

  1. Bullet Gold

  2. Bullet Silver

  3. Bullet White Gold

  4. Bullet Platinum

  5. Bullet Diamonds

  6. Bullet Pearls

  7. Bullet Turquoise

  8. Bullet Opals

  9. Bullet Sapphires

  10. Bullet Tanzanite

  11. Bullet Onyx

  12. Bullet Jade

  13. Bullet Rubies

  14. Bullet Emeralds

  15. Bullet Lapis

  16. Bullet Marcasite

  17. Bullet Costume Jewelry

  18. Bullet Tiffany

  19. Bullet Brighton

  20. Bullet Urman

  21. Bullet Liquid Silver

  22. Bullet Copper

  23. Bullet Brass

No Fog or Fingerprints

Worley’s Wonder

Cleans as it shines

The original purple cleaner

**Don’t be fooled by other purple imitations**

You deserve the best......Worley’s Wonder

The original purple cleaner,  for the past 24 years !!!!


Worleys Wonder a Florida company